About LTAP

Since 2012, this site has gone through a lot. I originally started this with the goal of creating a discussion space for decriminalizing polygamy. While my original intention still exists it has grown to encompass awareness of polyamory and addressing the fact that both polyamorous and polygamous families often live in fear and to explore the reason why that is an occurrence.

The goal of this site is to still find and address the stereotypes that often cause us problems in the eyes of a larger society. To explore family dynamics. To promote self-awareness and honesty. To explore individuality. To help people find their authentic and true selves.

This site will still continue to have website links, videos, and opinion pieces based off of research that I found intriguing.The links will either be straight from the web or a link to the blog where i have talked about the link some. Watch, research, and share you research and, let’s discuss how to make poly relationships flourish and healthy.