Platonic love

Originally posted on Fetlife.

I feel like some people don’t really understand platonic love or platonic relationships that are for life.

We were with our partner for almost two years, no sexual things at all between the three of us ever happened. We rarely held hands, we hugged and cuddled, the only kiss between us was when they both gave me forehead kisses.

We were romantically linked and were planning a life together. We loved each other.

We pushed each other and supported each other.We wanted each other to be happy.

That was the driving force behind our family. Supporting each other, learning to understand the differences and loving each other despite the things we really didn’t like or understand.

It wasn’t about a number. It was about pack, understanding yourself, and standing up for what we believed it.

We personally had goals when it came to helping the poly community. Goals that involved helping us to one day have standing so people one day won’t have to hide unless they want to. So that our partners can have equal standing. So that people understand.


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