Triads: A personal view

A triad is too complicated to be categorized as one relationship, rather than a multifaceted relationship. I view triads as four separate but connected relationships. The triad is composed of three individuals (A,B, and C). These three individuals form a group bond, but they also form three separate dyadic connections within the group. These connections are unique to the pairings that construct them (A+B, A+C, B+C).


Each pairing forms a portion of the overall group dynamic that makes the triad workable and navigable for the individuals coming together to form the group.The interaction that each bond has determines the foundation of the triad giving the relationship support. Sometimes the triad shifts depending on the individual relationships that make it up. Feelings can weaken or strengthen or even disappear all together. Each dynamic is different and must be nurtured in its own way.


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