Exploring Poly

So the fiance has taken a bigger step. Instead of talking about being poly, in theory, he has said that we can look into it. (plyg, maybe all the legal stuff bothers him already and he has never been in a multi-partner relationship so we have to see)

As y’all may know I am polyamorous. So the rules are no guys and he has to like the girl.

Cool those are easy rules.

1) I don’t want a guy. I have my fiance. Right now I definitely know he’s all the man I need at this moment. I won’t say that won’t change, but of course, I would only let a man be a part of us if my fiance was willing to accept and love him.

2) I can’t imagine being in a polyfidelity relationship where all partners aren’t in love, like each other a lot or at the very minimum be tolerant of each other with few conflicts.

So now I just have to find a girl that I like and that he can accept and hopefully love.

Hopefully, things will work out.

I haven’t dated in a while so I’m rusty, and most of the people I’m around being in University aren’t as serious as we are about relationships.

BUT there is no problem with trying.


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