So who am I….

I am 19 years old living in TX. I’m engaged but will not be getting married till 2015 or after I finish my degree in University. I first discovered poly/plyg at about 12 and have been interested in it ever since. I feel that it is a lifestyle I want to lead and I feel that it is meant for me to be in this lifestyle. I am Pagan ( Celtic pagan eclectic hedge/hearth witch). My belief of poly is not necessarily a religious belief because I do not feel that marriage is anything religious or spiritual. I believe it is a man-made thing. My belief in polygamy is that of a deeper connection between souls and that you do not need to be technically be married to have this connection.To me marriage itself isn’t spiritual, it’s the deep connection that is infinite and eternal that is. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and felt that way so I’ve determined that spirituality is not equated with religion, therefore I do not think religion ties into it at all.

Currently, I am not in a poly or plyg commitment because my fiance does not wish to do that.

(update later)

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  1. You really need to have someone in your life you can be yourself with who will there for you. This and more can be found at Zion Commune in Florida



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