Do you think there is a difference?

While looking stuff up for my blog I’ve noticed that there are polygamous couples that have a lifestyle that could in all truth actually be polyamorous. IMO the only difference between Polyamory and Polygamy is that the plural parties (whether in a Polygyny or Polyandry relationship) don’t really need to have any affection towards each other. They merely need to tolerate the other(s) being in a relationship with their spouse when they practice Polygamy. But I don’t view those relationships as “true” poly relationships. I feel that in “true” poly relationships there is love and affection among all parties of the relationship even if they don’t sexually interact with each other. Understand I mean no offense to anyone’s relationship.


  1. There really is not any distinction of that sort. Polyamory just means (capable of) loving more than one, in an open honest, ethical way. Now ‘metamores’ (partners of partners, like sisterwives for example) CAN have a loving relationship but it is no more obligatory in Polyamory as it is in Polygamy.

    At the end of the day a good respectful relationship should be the least between metamores OR sisterwives and it is still ‘true’ Poly, anything less than that I would say is not Poly, it is trouble……


  2. I know that it is just dictionary definitions, but don’t confuse the two. Polyamory simply means many loves, polygamy is a broader definition of a “married” state, further divided into polyandry (basically MMF), and polygyny (MFF) it is polygyny which is the biblical model for marriage.


    1. My question I suppose derive s from Polygamous/polyandrous marraiges in which the all parties are intimate and share a different, yet still all mariied to one person within the group. I’ve only met one person like this but they seemed to believe polygaamy and polyarmory are one in the same. I was Curious about others views on this. I do think that it can in short be classified as the same but with one have the deeper connection of a marriage bond.



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