FDLS – child abusers? Make polygamy legal to stop the abuse?


The link above is the what this post is based on. It’s old but people still believe that the FDLS is full of child abusers.

Ok, so no. Not all member of FDischild abusers. That’s like saying that everyone in the catholic church is a child molester. It’s not true, It’s an overly broad generalization. A generalization none the less based on fact.

Yes. FDLS does have some groups that have people who abuse children, their wives, heck their families.  And what the article said about making polygamy legal helping to stop it is so dead on.

In these extremist groups within the FDLS, bad things happen. the extremist groups represent the cultish side of FDLS just like every other group in the world has it cultish sides.

I don’t think that people are too lazy to leave. I do believe that people are scared.  Scared of losing the only life that they know.

If you’ve lived polygamy your entire life, in one place because the world shuns the most important of your beliefs, of course, you are going to be a little scared of losing everything you hold dear.

I agree with this article in the sense that if polygamy was legal people, wouldn’t be confined to compounds and communities separate from everyone else or have to live in secret.

Seriously ThInk about It


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