Let’s clarify before someone throws a hissy fit

I recently got bashed on a site for blaming the FLDS for all of the polygamous problem, which I didn’t by the way. I want to clarify that I don’t blame the FLDS  for all of the polygamy stigmas, but I do want to let y’all know why I refer to them. As I said, I am in a learning process myself and am posting things I find and have learned. There are a lot of people out there who blame the FLDS in general for the stigmas because the things that certain FDLS members do are different in so many ways from the norm of America monogamous society. Some of the things that I know of that some of the members engage in, like child marriage, I am not a big fan of, and this blog does contain some of the opinions. I will always clearly define my opinions(and if it’s not ask me, that contact information is on the blog) and I hope people read things and respond to something; maybe even correct an Idea I’ve developed from my reading. The FLDS is the group that many Americans associate with polygamy. I will not bash them purposely but I will let you know what’s been said. Many FLDS members have what the government considers “questionable conduct”. Doesn’t mean that all members do, but that most people see. I can’t help if you are FLDS and get offended but if I post a stigma and you know it is not true, TELL ME!!!  I’m trying to correct all polygamy stigmas. I can’t do that if you get pissed off and don’t share. I am by no means an expert, just an interested person who would like the chance to have a polygamous relationship that could be recognized. I feel as if polygamists right are infringed upon and I want to help.


  1. Granted not all the abuses/crimes are FLDS polygamy based but the majotrity do seem to be people who follow that faith or a version of it, so you are not that off base. The mainstream population only knows what the media shows…..and the media likes to show sensationalist stories….and what stirs people’s feelings more than people living behind fences who won’t speak against their leader to anyone ! Not that all FLDS live in compounds but that is how they are portrayed. Blessings !



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