Example of the “wrong” type of polygamy

Estephania Lebaron and Amber Dawn Lee stories.
Please note that these men do not personify what polygamy is not but is is a perfect example of cult-like society. These men used polygamy as a way to control their women. That is not what polygamy is about. It is simply what the institution is used for, I just want to point out that this is not a norm in all polygamous families. There are somewhere there is no abuse and no mistreatment. We don’t need to have a ban on polygamy, but just like with monogamous marriage, the government needs to have its control. Since this is banned people do this underground make it so easy for polygamy to spiral out of control; be taken by religious heretics like cults and fanatics and turn into something sick and disgusting.
This isn’t real polygamy, polygamy is about love and extended family.

One Comment

  1. What gets me is how people who say polygamy = abuse to women, don’t see that abuse and control freaks are alos in monogamous marriages AND in relationships in general !



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