The 3 Supreme Court Decisions for Polygamy

They can’t invade our privacy and need proof that it will hurt the general good. Ok, So yes we do have a right to privacy, and the government should not invade our homes unless 1) they have proof that there is sex with a minor (less than 17, 17 without written permission of the person’s parent) 2) there is proof or reason to believe that a child is being abused 3) a reason to believe there is spousal abuse. If no evidence is found then it should be left alone. Next is how can the U.S ban polygamy if there is no arguable harm from it? There are two reasons I have heard of. 1) polygamist engage in fraud. That is a Myth. Mormon fundamentalist groups do have some people who have a history of doing that, but if not everyone that is a polygamist does that. If you read my blog I have proposed a fix to that issue ( I promise I’m not trying to promote my blog for views)  2)There is incest. again there are groups out there that have been known to keep polygamy tight-knit therefore intermarrying but not all polygamist are behind polygamy for a deep religious reason like SOME fundamentalist Mormons. There are enough people in this world to allow polygamy without generalizing a ban because of incest.


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