These terms are used regardless of the legality of the marriage in the state or country and regardless of whether the family itself uses those terms to describe themselves.

Polygamy is an umbrella term for a marriage of 3+individual, simultaneously.

Polygyny is when a man has multiples wives, simultaneously,  who share who have no marriage bond between them. This is the most common form and the form that will be mostly addressed in this blog.

Polyandry is the exact opposite of a woman having multiple husbands, marriage simultaneously, who have no marriage bond between them.

Group marriage is a term that marriage as the act of having multiple husbands and wives.

Bigamy is having 2 wives or 2 husbands at one time, knowingly, without the other parties being aware of the other union.

A Cult is a group who shows great devotion to a person( dead or alive), idea, object, movement, or work,  regarding that persons as a special being with exulted status above the rest and not held accountable for their action( even by police) . In a cult people do not question or doubt, most times out of fear or guilt (Most often time demonstrating authoritarian behavior). Members are told what to think, how to act and feel, mostly with leader invoking shame/guilt to control them… They tend to feel that that the world is against them. Many of these groups activities are illegal….. This of course is only a summary of what a cult is.

As this blog develops expect more terms to show up.

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