Why i want a poly family.

It takes a village to raise a dream.

That is just one of the reason I want to have a polygamous/polyamorous blended family. Not only does it benefit the members of the family but everyone learns something about who they are. Legally speaking I would be the legal wife (I’m engaged so it makes sense that I would be the first wife right) and any others won’t be a wife in any terms (in our coven it would be something different) but can, to us at least, be considered family. Of course if things evolved past “girlfriend” status I expect that they’d live with us and would be something of a glorified roommate,to the public excluding people we trust not to go all crazy on us, in which we all share in taking care of everything that must be done: emotionally, financially and other things. In this family environment, everyone works together to ensure that the children are cared for as well as their fellow spouses.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Within and expanded family there are many experiences to help the children learn. Of course, there is that stigma that with so many different views of child rearing how can there not be friction. Oh, there definitely will be, but just like in traditional marriage people must sit down and talk about how they want to do this…

I’d like to add that this isn’t something I just what to do for the hell of it. I hold marriage in very high esteem and disapprove greatly of divorces ( not that if you had one I think you are a bad person.I just can’t see me having one). I know religion is important to a lot of people who practice poly, but I can’t say that poly is a religious thing for me. I grew up in a family that had different beliefs and the family my fiance and I will be starting has mixed beliefs( I’m a pagan whose immediate family consist of Jehovah’s Witnesses and He is from a family that consists of Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses). I believe that marriage is something special when looked at as something where you share whatever burdens come your way, between all partners instead of being controlling and lofty.

I don’t see polygamy in the view that my husband has two other marriages. I see it as one unique union in which we all bring in different aspects to it.

Not saying that this will be easy, but it is a unique experience


  1. I followed you on from 4the family and I was wondering if I may ask a cheeky question?

    Why, when you know that much of the West’s anti-Polygamy laws are based upon the prohibition of a married man, living/sleeping with a woman who is *not* his wife. Why when you have the unique opportunity to allow a sisterwife to share equal status outside the home as well as inside the home, would you then go and mess it up by getting legally married?
    You, unlike so many people seeking Polygamy have the opportunity to have an equal in every way relationship AND to protect your husband from prosecution, I don’t understand why you do not take it.

    1. i not poly as of now which is why i am doing this now. trying to explore if it can be legalized and what are the thing that is holding it back. trust if i was married i’d be more reserved about all of this. and if the marriages were legally recognized poly families wouldn’t have to live a secret outside of their homes in fear of their family being torn apart. I think it is cruel that families are torn apart when nothing wrong is going on. I understand at times when they really do find child abuse and other such things but otherwise i think it is pure utter non-sense. I can’t see me living a lie. To me if I have a sister wife I should be able to introduce her as such. That is what I strive for.

        1. no bc legal or not i would practice poly if my fiance was ok with it.as of now he isn’t so legal or not we wouldn’t be to me( and there are even poly people that feel the same way that i do) being forced to keep your family a secret isn’t constitutional. i’m not saying hey poly families reveal yourselves and risk jail time and separation. that’s their choice. i am simply researching why poly is illegal and if it can become legal and offering discussion about it. if action occurs bc of it ok. if nothing happens ok.

          1. Ah ok. I am sorry your partner is not on board, but it is a hard thing having two primary partners, people who enter it are pretty mad (I include myself here….;o))

    2. Its hard to find the right mix Im a single Dad wanting this lifestyle but you have to find the right sister wives and as a loving husband it takes communication and unconditional love. Im looking to stat a fresh house with brand new wives were we all come together for the first time I live in the sandiego area but commute to riverside every morning self employeed going to tantra yoga to improve myself learning massage and touch wish I had a partner or partners to share experience with
      well thats my 2 cents
      polymanforyou at aol

      1. Have you thought about putting a profile up on sisterwives.net Stephen?

        It is hard for single men yes, but still it is hard for couples too…

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